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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> a major development this new and for the struggling u.s. postal service. starting august 5, the agency says it will stop delivering certain types of mail on saturday. that could save $2 billion per
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year. not everyone is on board with this decision. >> they are trying to close a $21 billion gap. the postmaster general says there are getting rid of the six-day package delivery will continue. any post office open on saturday will remain open. >> our new delivery settled schedule helps us reduce some of the pressure. >> this is the best way to save money. customers say they think there are other solutions out there. >> they should raise rates and keep 60 service. >> this customer says he would be willing to pay more postage
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if the post office keeps his current delivery schedule. the president of the national association of letters caria says -- carriers says -- >> it is not important. it does not affect me at all. >> following a developing story after d.c. police were involved in the shooting this morning in northwest washington. john gonzalez has been following that story. he has the latest. >> is a disturbing scene that has played out to many times at his home. neighbors awake and by a slew of
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d.c. police officers. at least one gunshot was fired. >> the first time this happened was about 15 months ago. someone fired a couple of shots. >> a woman who lives here called to report that her husband was stalking and harassing her. they found the man armed with a knife. he launched at 1 upper-one status one of the officers during a scuffle. >>there is a restraining order to stay away from home and his wife. he has violated that court order a number of times. >> it was crawling with police officers everywhere. >> neighbors say it seems like a number of adults and children live here. some described as a half with house. police escort a group that and hours after the incident. >> we have a small child. we are moving. >> of this are wondering if the city will get involved with a
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loss are seemingly a nord -- ignored. the two d.c. officers have been placed on the minister to lead. the suspect is under arrest. he is in the hospital in serious but stable condition. the woman was not so physically harmed. >> new business and -- floyd corkins has pled guilty to the shooting at phoenix building. today brings a pleasant with the story. it is kind of mild out there. sunshine is thinking through- sunshine is peeking through. >> we have sunshine across the
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d.c. area. >> it is a little on the chilly side. the fault has broken along the gulf coast. delays orca-the were delays at laguardia. we should see bricks at least to the north with temperatures getting into the low 50 possible. and the lower 40's for those of us without son. i will have more details coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you so much.
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a scary scene out of a florida highway after a truck crashed into a cement wall and went over the side of a overpass. it dangled there for more than one hour. one person was killed. another one has been hospitalized. a second grader and an account the, virginia was suspended after police say he threatened classmates on a school bus. the seven-year-old took out the gun from his backpack and pointed at other students. school officials say there will be a disciplinary review. no word on if police will file charges. >>one woman and at least two children are dead after a shooting in a denver home. both children are under 10 years old. a third child was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police do not think the shooter is on the loose. the neighborhood is in an industrial area surrounded by
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warehouses. one resident said the house where the shooting took place was recently sold. >>the alabama boy held hostage for almost a week is celebrating his six birthday at home. the fbi has released a picture of the bunker demille -- jimmy lee dikes created. when swat teams convinced him to open the door, they set off an explosion before getting into a firefight. >> before he would have an opportunity to react. >> dykes fired at the swat team, but the swat team fired back, killing him. president obama and vice president obama to rally support for gun control support.
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the president attended a conference at the westin. biden was joined by lawmakers and celebrities such as actress amanda peetee and singer tony bennett. >> assault weapons were invented for war. it should not be on our streets. >> the president will return to the white house just before 1:00 this afternoon. president obama will address the issue of gun control during his state of the union address next tuesday. secretary of state john kerry will officially be sworn in this afternoon. vice-president joe biden will leave the ceremony at the state department at 4:00. kerrey has spent a few days on the job, taking the reins from hillary clinton. he will be welcomed on the post monday. he spent the weekend on the
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phone with world leaders getting ready for his job. as he moves in, president obama is moving a special member of his team the one responsible for this message -- >> the will and the determination of the american people change this country. >> president obamas's speech writer is stepping down. he collaborated with the press and on the state of the union address, including the one set to be delivered next week. people all around the west during -- west wing praised him. the d.c. taxicab commission is paving the way for installing cash free payments system and the cars. the commission held a meeting this morning to lay down rules for how the credit card reader should be installed in its
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fleet. members will talk about rules for sedan services. the boy scouts of america has delayed its vote on whether to allow openly gay members in. it has been raising controversial on both sides. it will set for several months. >> the more than 2 million members of the boy scouts of america will now have to wait months to find out if the executive board will overturn its ban on gays got members and leaders. the organization delayed the decision until may. >> we are trying to do whatever we do what the young people we serve. >> police cows and former scout leaders delivered a petition-boy scout -- boys scouts and a former scout leaders delivered a petition. >> we loved scouting.
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>> and an interview with cbs news, president obama indicated his support for the change. >> the scouts are a great institution that is promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people for the rest of their lives. nobody should be barred from that. >> a testis-a texas republican says he hopes the organization 62 is values. >> there is a major generational divide when it comes to gay leaders ask that leaders. americans over 50 years old 39%. but the boy scouts of america's -- if the boy scouts of america lift the ban, and it will choose have the decision.
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>> a baltimore native and a san francisco congressman was caught in the middle when it came to the super bowl. coming up, how the ravens have taken on the trophy. see where she is saying about their victory. hasbro has unveiled its new token.
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>> you are watching abc seven news at noon.
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on your side. >> disaster teams are working to reach for a village in the solomon islands after they were hit by a salami. a magnitude eight earthquake struck off the coast of santa cruz island. at least five people have been reported dead. dozens of homes are damaged in the south pacific island chain. jacqui jeras, joining us on the said. boy, we are lucky because the weather is not to shower -- not too shabby. it will get a little worse later. >> today is the best of the week. the sunshine is coming. we are trying to make progress. this is a time lapse of where we started the day from the else forbelfort furniture center.
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it makes for some spectacular images. the skies cleared out throughout the morning. that has been the case for the southern half of our viewing area. the satellite shows you the haves and the have-nots. it is cut off to the north of d.c. it is impacting the temperatures. we are pushing 50 in spots. a couple of miles means the difference. we have 46 degrees. the windchill is that 39. the wind is at the north northwest at 18 miles per hour. it is on the brisk side. additional clearing taking place across the mid-atlantic. we are keeping an eye on two storm systems. the first out of the northwest
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and the second on the gulf coast. watch our futurecast. high pressure and praised this afternoon. -- in place this afternoon. additional clearing tonight and overnight. notice the progress and the cold front of the north. notice the rain and the south. these things come together and bring in the motion -- moisture overnight thursday and into friday morning around 2:00 a.m. a wintry mix is possible north and west of d.c. it depends on the timing. it develops a coastal system off the virginia coast line and make its way into new england. that will be a big impact storm. if you are interested in what will happen on new england, visit
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some of the foes could see well over a foot of snow fall over the weekend. here, partly cloudy, pleasant conditions. in the north, the low 40 pounds. in the south, low 50 pass. tonight, mostly clear skies. between 24 and 28 degrees. tomorrow, we drop as our temperatures -- we drop in our temperatures. the coastal system on friday. it will be a quick in and out. by saturday, it will be out. easy and into the 40 pass. 50 by sunday. >> i will take that anytime. very nice. monopoly fans around the world have spoken. hasbro announced this morning it is giving the ax to the eye done. -- iron. token. is replacing it from -- it is
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replacing it with a. other options included a guitar diamond ring, robot, or helicopter. hasbro says the new peaceful world out later this year. the metropolitan washington airports authority is hosting artist and historian at reagan national airport. he worked on his next original creation in front of travelers and art students from howard university. it is part of an arts program that celebrates the beauty and creativity of the region. portraits of the u.s. president and first lady are on display. coming up on abc seven news at noon, we will tell you about the big plans in ashley judd. coming up, a surgery is giving new hopes to parents of newborns
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with life-threatening conditions.
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>> nancy pelosi is speaking out and congratulating the baltimore ravens on their super bowl victory. polo's he said she was stuck between a rock and a hard place. she grew up in baltimore but spent years representing the people of san francisco in the house. >> i did not have a bet. i would never bet against
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baltimore. congratulations to all concerned. >> a politically safe -- how politically safe. the mayor of baltimore will enjoy cheese, wine, and crabs in the bay area. ashley judd is considering a run for the u.s. senate. she is feeling the heat of the campaign trail. a new at has been released mocking her hopes of joining -- gaining a kentucky seat. the message was taped by american crosswords. a d.c. woman who cut her body weight in half is dedicated to living a heart healthy life and sharing her journey. this is caroline a few years ago. she weighed more than 300
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pounds. she dropped more than 176 pounds in less than two years and has written a book about her transformation. >> i do a combination of trx training and a little bit of cross fit with a personal trainer. you need to be patient and consistent. you get will get the results. >> her book is titled "half my size." she is headed on a national book and radio tour. we are back with a final loo
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>> it was an evolution will just it was an unusual situation on a california highway. cowboys were called out to corral the camel. the two-hour operation was a first for them. they got the big fellow back home. everyone made it without injuries. that is an odd one. >> they can be mean. they spit at you. partly county 49 degrees at 3:00. 34 at 11:00. keep an eye on a coastal storm system. >> thank you for joining us.
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